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Outlook 2016 Sending but not Receiving Mail Help

Sometimes when it comes to computers there are certain things that can cost hours of time. To add insult to injury these things usually end up having the easiest fixes. Whether it is Windows itself or any other program Microsoft seems to be really talented at creating these types of experiences.

The perfect example of an easy fix that has cost 100’s of hours is found in Microsoft Office 365 Outlook 2016. Setting up a new account is a simple thing really. Click on “File” then select the “Account Settings” selection tell it you are setting up a new email account type in the address and password and Outlook does the rest in most cases. Once it goes through the process you figure you’re good to go. Continue reading

How Do I Keep My Computer Working Good

Keeping a computer working good as long as possible is the idea. Even though I make a living from helping other people with their computer problems I would much rather see people preventing problems before they happen. Believe me when I say that a computer that doesn’t cooperate or behave like it’s supposed to is just as frustrating for me as it is for you.

There are some basic practices that can help keep your computer healthy so you don’t have to hit that “I’m Going To Throw This Thing Out The Window” point. Your computer rarely fairs well with that experience. So following some standard maintenance practices not only will save you from frustration but might just save your computer’s life. Continue reading

The New PC Helper 123 Website Get Experienced Computer Help

When it started it was just an easy domain name so people could get the Agent Helper when they were in need of computer help. PC Helper 123 is now the primary website for Tech Wizard Solutions’ Home Computer Help services.

Having a computer can definitely be fun from Facebooking with family and friends, playing games, or just finding out the answer to any question you could possibly come up with. The Internet offers A Lot of cool stuff. Unfortunately where there is good there is always bound to be some type of bad and the Internet has more than its fair share for sure. Continue reading